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Available Now: Tadano ATF 40G-2, Kato N75, and Spider URW-295 Cranes

Tadano - Faun ATF 40G - 2

The tadano has a 40 tonne lifting capacity, a 35m jib and is fitted with 6.5t counter weight. With all wheel drive and steering this crane can traverse most sites.

Kato NK75 - 21m Reach

The Kato NK75 Crane is a superb crane for country lanes and tight access, if a transit van can get there so can this. The reach is 21m with a maximum weight capacity of 4.9 tonnes. Fully extended at 21m this machine can still lift 0.5 tonne. This crane is ideal for light commercial and residential lifting solutions. Timber framed houses, truss roofs, steel buildings, steel beams, loft conversions all the way down to single lift hot tubs.

URW - 295 - 8.4m Reach

The URW-295 Spider Crane packs a punch for its size at only 2 feet wide, access even in the tightest of situations is not an issue. This compact crane will easily fit through a garden gate. The maximum weight capacity is 2.9 tonnes. Fully extended at 8.4m, this crane will still lift 0.2 tonne.

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