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Platforms and Plant

Available Now: Tower Scaffold, Fall Arrest Bags and Mini Excavator

Tower Scaffold

Eight  Rung Industrial Tower Scaffold is easy to assemble.

Rungs are spaced at 200mm for easy climbing.

Footprint is 1.4m x 2.5m long (4′ x 8′) with 7.2m working height and 5.2m platform height.

Rhinoceros Mini Excavator

This mini digger hire includes 2 buckets 200mm & 300mm, 800mm grading bucket, grapple, post hole borer and a full tank of diesel.

This mini digger is ideal for small projects and has a width of 850mm so can easily get through a garden gate.

This digger is really easy to operate and a quick 10 minute induction will be offered on delivery.

Fall Arrest Bags

The Fall-Pac System is comprised of a high quality inner and outer bag containing polystyrene fill which is designed to absorb the energy of a fall by personnel. It is easily installed and placed within a house structure. Fall-Pac arrests falls up to 2.8m.

  • 17% increase in size from previous bags
  • Net reduction of cost per sq metre
  • Higher profile bag 644mm giving more protection
  • 40% higher impact absorbent tested to 2.8m
  • High standard of material giving 50% longer life
  • Flame retardant as standard, no extra charges
  • Self-supporting not requiring containment within walls
  • Close pack design requiring no “foot test”
  • Environmental clearance of existing stocks
  • Outer bag repels water

The Fall-Pac construction consists of a tubular polypropylene outer casing fitted with interlocking fastening devices containing treated impact-absorbing material. Each bag weighs approximately 6 kilos and can be installed quickly and simply in applications throughout the industry.

Fall-Pac Cushion System is also suitable for use in vehicle applications where there is a risk of fall from a load platform or other elevated surface.

Coverage & Performance

Each Fall-Pac has a length of 2.5m and a diameter of 0.644m, this gives a true surface coverage of 1.61 sq. metres making installation quick and large areas easy to cover. Half-Pac’s (length 1.25mtrs) are available to optimise coverage. Due to the unique design each Fall-Pac maintains its high impact absorbency as a single unit, this results in a consistent high performance installed system.

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